What Are Your Goals? A New Year’s Resolution to Die For

Why does a New Year’s resolution have to be all about “me”? Lose weight. Reduce debt. Close a big business deal. Develop your personal “SMART” goals.

How about a resolution that can impact those closest to you forever?

It’s not a common goal, I realize. Actually I have never heard of it before. What if your New Year’s resolution was this: “To have all my affairs in order”…Really?

What if you made a commitment to put into place the necessary documentation so that, if you were to die suddenly or from a life-limiting illness, your family’s load would be lightened by having planned ahead.

How about completing a detailed Will, Personal Directive, Power of Attorney, Substitute Decision-Making Authority and final Celebration of Life Service, and putting it down on paper? Once completed, you could set a date to sit down with all your family and have an open conversation about your end-of-life wishes. Sound morbid? It’s not really. Even though you may not be sick, or planning to die this year, it’s still a courageous resolution. Why? Because it will lighten your family’s load, should the unexpected happen.

What might be the result of such a resolution?

Once completed, this New Year’s resolution will help your family manage and transition during what is considered the most difficult time in life – having a loved one die – and enable them to move forward together in peace knowing that they have followed your clear wishes.

Should anything happen to you, this unusual New Year’s resolution would help your family move from grief into mourning in a healthy way without the angst of uncertainty.

That’s the goal!









  1. Dear Rick: With my 90th birthday coming in August I feel this is written to me! I have already started writing in a special book the items that family and friends have said they would like to have or which I would like them to have when I depart.
    Now I am thinking of my memorial service and choosing the 3 hymns and the member of my family who I know will preach a message that is both humourus and inspirational,as he did at my husband’s memorial service. That’s a start,but the one who has my Power of Attorney and I will work together on legal matters etc.and I’ll talk to her younger sister for ideas for other Memorials I want to leave for people I love.

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