Those Eyes and Other Things I Really Miss

73022_437801291579_4041456_nWhen I first saw this picture of my wife Erica’s beautiful green eyes, I was totally captured. I wanted to gaze deeper into them and discover who she was. They grabbed me. They still do.

It’s quite amazing the things we take for granted about a person who is no longer physically present in our lives. When my first wife, Pam, closed her eyes for the last time, I cried. For almost 25 years, I had had the privilege of looking into those clear, blue eyes, but that was never to happen again.

It makes me think about what we miss most about people who die.

Being allowed to look just one more time into the eyes of a missed loved one is a gift that many of us wish we could have. Am I right?

Once in a while, I close my eyes and remember special people in my life. I take time to gaze into their eyes in my mind’s eye for a few moments. I remember the life we have shared. And I give thanks for what we enjoyed together.

Then, I open my eyes to the world I live in again, and I remember to look into the eyes of people I love now and to never take that simple gift for granted.

Have you taken time to look into the eyes of someone you love?

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