Thanking God for Good Poops!

Why wouldn’t you thank God for that?

One of the most endearing pictures I have of my first wife is of her sitting on the toilet as a little girl. Seeing it again reminded me how much I miss Pam. We all do. It’s coming up for her ninth year in heaven, when she died at age 47.

As I was sorting through some old photos, I couldn’t help but think her of as a young girl as well as a beautiful women struggling with cancer.

I personally have never experienced the pain of not getting rid of the waste products in my body. I don’t know what it was like for her, but one day she taught me about the simple things of life that I had taken for granted.

Pam was recovering from a chemotherapy treatment – the many chemicals and drugs she was taking for pain and discomfort were affecting her regular bowel movements. That was not easy for her. You don’t think about those kinds of things until they cause pain and bloating, but it was a real problem.

Then early one morning, as I was eating breakfast, I heard Pam yell from the bathroom: “This is awesome guys! Come and look!” We ran into the bathroom to find Pam staring down into the toilet. “Whoot! I did it!” she said smiling. And there, floating in the toilet, was a tiny, little poop the size of a peanut. She started to laugh. The girls gave her high fives and we hugged her. Pam beamed and continued to laugh and we laughed, too. Pam knew the importance of laughter and she knew the importance of sharing it with us.

As crazy as this sounds, I was thanking God this morning for being able to have a good poop! I found myself chuckling to myself, and then I said, “Why wouldn’t I give thanks?”

One of the keys to making it through in any kind of loss, is finding the good in life and, despite those things that are negatives, ask the question: “What do I have right now that is good?”



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