A Warm Welcome

This web site is about you.  The principles that I share come from my best teachers: the everyday people who have shared their experiences of grief with me. I have collected them so that we can continue to learn from these stories.

I believe in Intentional Grief.  There are some things that can be done in one’s grief process that are helpful and other things that a friend can do that are helpful. Learn what these are in this website and add your comments and stories.

I’m interested in hearing from professionals and lay people who would like to share insightful information in the area of grief, death and dying.

If you have an experience or a new perspective, let’s talk together in order to provide effective information that can be helpful to people facing grief.

This blog is not intended as a place to argue your opinions but rather to share your stories and experiences. As such, the language you use should express your own understanding and not be critical of another’s experience. Asking a question is always more powerful than giving an answer.

I look forward to your involvement as we learn together.