Have you ever felt that something was blocking you from transitioning well through a loss? Everyone has a story. And everyone has a loss history.  Person to Person counseling from someone who has the experience helps you to have a look at your own loss narrative, exploring it through insightful questions that are designed to help you uncover roadblocks to transition. This one-on-one counseling helps you discover patterns that are holding you back from living fully in your post-loss scenario.

One-on-One in Person

It’s best if you are in Calgary or the surrounding area if you are interested in this option. When I’m not doing workshops elsewhere, I do take private clients.  You can contact my office for availability. For more information and costs press the button.

One-on-One via Skype

Skype enables me to interact with clients from a distance or keep in communication with my clients from a variety of locations. It allows for a seamless, uninterrupted process that keeps things moving forward, assuring greater impact.  For more information and costs press the button.