Hire me as your personal coach and maximize my experience.

You have many gifts and strengths to offer. Perhaps you are exceptional with people, are very organized or are a visionary. A personalized Coaching program takes inventory of your strengths and capitalizes on them. When you are grieving, you may already feel that life is against you. Working from the place of your strengths allows you to maximize what you already have. Using a series of diagnostic tools, together we build a profile of your gifts and preferences that will help you to discover what you need most as a person experiencing loss. This step reveals what is most important in helping you move forward as you establish healthy boundaries and patterns in your day-to-day life.

One-on-One in Person

It’s best if you are in Calgary or the surrounding area if you are interested in this option. We can meet on a regular basis and implement our strategies and goals.  You can contact my office for availability. For more information and costs press the button.

One-on-One via Skype

Skype enables me to interact with clients from a distance or keep in communication with my clients from a variety of locations. It allows for a seamless, uninterrupted process that keeps things moving forward, assuring greater impact.  For more information and costs press the button.

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