What’s Your Story?

open bookBehind ever story that we share is a deeper story of significance. Often, we are cautious to tell people what’s really going on in our hearts because we are uncertain we can trust people with precious and personal information.

Our heart is fragile in many ways. We take hits from other people for our opinions and ideas. Most of the time, we can deflect criticism as differing ideas and we’re able to move forward, chalking it up to diversity – no two people are the same after all. Continue reading →

Moving Into Sadness


Too many people try to make themselves happy. Did you know that you can’t always be happy? We don’t like to feel sad. We don’t like others to be sad. We try to fix their sadness and our own.

The dominate emotion following the death of a loved one is sadness. You can’t fix sadness and you shouldn’t try. Sadness is a result of something that you really miss – your loved one. Continue reading →

Anger Management 101


I was angry with God. I was angry with myself and I was angry with Pam – for a while at least.

When my Dad died, I was angry with him for smoking for so many years. When my first wife died, I was angry with her for leaving me with our four children.

I had conversations with God about my situation and wondered what I had done wrong to deserve this fate. I’m just being honest. Continue reading →