After 30 years of experience as a palliative care-giver, pastor and grief counselor, I decided that it was time to write down in book form what I’ve learned so that others could benefit from it as well. Please go to my main website and check out all my resources.

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Finding Anchors: How to bring Stability to your life following a cancer diagnosisfinding-ancor-3d-644x591

Discover 17 anchors that will help you and your family move out into uncharted waters following a cancer diagnosis. This is practical and useful information that works. I’ve used it in my own life following the cancer diagnosis of my wife Pam and with clients for years.  Don’t start a cancer journey without considering this great resource and tool kit.

Taking Notice: How a cancer Journey can magnify what’s important in lifeD3-3d-both--644x591

A shared cancer journey brings unexpected clarity to all who are involved. Look deeper and find the gold nuggets just below the surface. This is a book that will helpyou to see the truly important things in life and re-evaluate your choices.  The author takes you on his personal journey traveling with his wife who has cancer and their four children. What he finds will surprise you as his life takes on a different perspective, coming to a realization that his life was being changed on notice at time.

Looking Ahead: Why your dying might be the most significant event in your lifed2-3d-644x591

Dying is not just about you because it impacts greatly those closest to you deeply. Through his own personal story, the author takes you on a journey as his children, friends and extend family prepare to say goodbye to a special person. What they did not expect were the gifts that came out of suffering and dying…teachings, mystery and intimacy experienced at a new level. Take time to Look Ahead and ask how you want your dying to impact those who remain and what could be the gifts and legacy left behind.


  1. Mr. Bergh,

    Long story short, I have prayed on the matter of what next to do in my life. Shockingly, “hospice chaplaincy” was what my heart felt. I am struggling with this directive as I feel I am completely untrained to meet the many needs of end of life. Your information came to me from friend in Camrose, Alberta. It seemed very timely. Which of your books should I try to find?

    1. Looking Ahead: How Your Dying Impacts Those Around You is a good resource for you. I will have an online course being offered in the fall which also might be useful for you. Bless you in your discernment.

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