A Birth That Changed My Life – Forever





I love all four of my children very much – but the one that changed my life forever was the birth of my first son, Devon.

I will never forget holding Devon in my arms for the first time. His mom had to have a C-section and so following the surgery, they gave Devon to me to hold.

As I gazed at him and thanked God for this miracle, Devon opened his eyes for the first time. I began to cry as our eyes met. All I experienced was amazing love. I loved him so much even though I didn’t know him. He was brand new in my life.  And all I wanted was more of him to be part of my future. I couldn’t wait to be his dad.

Today he turns 32 years of age and I still love being his dad.

I wonder if heaven is like that.

Death is not closing our eyes, it’s opening them for the first time to see a God who can’t wait to look into our eyes and love us even more.







  1. Dear Rick
    This is very beautiful and very touching. Thank you!
    I have Devon’s birthday on my calendar but do not have his email address.
    Would you please send him my love and best wishes?
    I am both blessed and very proud to have inherited such a wonderful extended
    family when when you married Erica! Although I may never see them again ,I want to try to keep in touch with them all. Not easy because we all have very
    busy lives (And I am fortunate to be able to include myself in that statement!)

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